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The new standard in property management

Natoon Group manages and operates approximately 4.5 million sqm of properties nationwide with 4,000 dedicated employees, specializing in B.O.T. and PFI projects such as the new IDF City of Training Bases.

The Group consists of a winning combination of leading property management, operations, marketing and maintenance companies all of which are ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certificated.

Natoon Group Company Vision

  • To provide customers with added value by focusing on customer needs, being attentive, understanding and sensitive to the service requirements of its customers
  • To provide an uncompromising, unique brand of high-quality professional services (the WOW factor)
  • To create an atmosphere of pride, belonging and mutual commitment among its employees
  • To diligently develop business relationships with suppliers and business partners based on trust and mutual respect
  • To manage the Company’s operations with a group of independent, innovative, target - driven and flexible leaders

Focusing on Quality and Safety

  • ISO 9001 certificated, process of 14001 (environment), 18001 (safety) 24001 certification
  • Israel standards institute ISO checks
  • Work safety standards and procedures
  • Data management security
  • Environment protection

Contact Details:

Tel: +972-3-5189393
Fax: +972-3-6819558
Kibutz Galuyot 34, Tel Aviv,

Natoon Management

Provides management & asset maintenance services tailored to creating a high-quality living experience in luxurious towers and an enjoyable stay in office spaces. The planning and management of luxury apartments, hotel suites, office buildings and commercial centers, and the provision of consulting & guidance services for projects in their planning and construction phases, are an integral part of the Company’s dealings.

Contact Details:

Natoon Operation & Maintenance

The top operating & maintenance company in Israel, providing professional services to hi-tech companies, universities, museums, offices and others.

Contact Details:
Tel: 972-73-2289321
Fax: 972-73-2289445

The Clean Office – “Hamisrad Hanaki”

A leading professional Israeli cleaning company. Providing cleaning services for more than 30 years. Currently serves more than 350 projects & customers Provides high quality cleaning services to all types of buildings and institutions.

Contact Details:
Tel: 972-73-2289348
Mobile: 972-50-6439097
Fax: 972-73-2289389


The expert in cleaning and disinfecting communications equipment, computer and server rooms.

Contact Details:
Tel: 972-73-2289365
Fax: 972-73-2289366

Nof Yam Security

Provides professional security services, including personal, medical, general security and security consulting.

Contact Details:
Tel: 972-74-7104010

Magen & Handasa

The expert in planning, installing and maintaining fire alarm systems, automatic extinguishing systems (sprinklers), fire-fighting equipment and also both passive and active safety protections.

Contact Details:
Tel: 972-2-5377770

Our Clients

Bank Hapoalim
Bezek International
Ben Gurion University
Government Complexes
B.S.R Group
Migdal Insurance
IDF National Training Center
Bank Leumi
Shikun & Binuy